The cover art to the 2014 reissue.

The sole album from the Easybeats/AC/DC super-group The Marcus Hook Roll Band is to be re-released June 3rd via Parlophone. The album Tales From Old-Grand-Daddy (named after the brand of whisky that was a studio mainstay during the sessions) featured  The Easybeats members George Young (vocals, guitar, piano, bass), Harry Vanda (lead guitar, vocals), Freddie Smith (who filled in on drums for The Easybeats on the scrapped 2nd UK album sessions bass), Grapefruit member Alex Young (saxophone) and future AC/DC members: Angus Young (guitar), Malcolm Young (guitar).  Other contributions include: Ian Campbell (drums), John Proud (drums), and Howard Casey (saxophone). The studio project’s one record, was originally only issued in Australia though EMI in March 1974. A variation would later be released in the U.S. on Capitol’s “green label” budget series (1979) in the wake of Vanda and Young’s Flash And The Pan album.

This new reissue features 5 bonus tracks and will available on CD/vinyl/download from 3rd June 2014.

The Marcus Hook Roll – Tales of Old Grand-Daddy Track Listing

1. ‘Can’t Stand the Heat’
2. ‘Goodbye Jane’
3. ‘Quick Reaction’
4. ‘Silver Shoes & Strawberry Wine’
5. ‘Watch Her Do It Now’
6. ‘People and the Power’ (this track was later covered by Stevie Wright on his 2nd album Black Eyed Bruiser in 1975)
7. ‘Red Revolution’
8. ‘Shot in the Head’
9. ‘Ape Man’
10. ‘Cry for Me’
11. ‘One of These Days’ (Previously Unreleased)
12. ‘Natural Man’ (1972 A-Side)
13. ‘Moonshine Blues’ (1974 B-Side)
14. ‘Louisiana Lady’ (1973 A-Side)
15. ‘Ride Baby Ride’ (Previously Unreleased)

The original 1974 Australian LP cover of the album.
The original 1974 Australian LP cover of the album.

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