Some sad news.  The Easybeats Manager Mike Vaughan, passed away yesterday (8th September 2015), in Yonkers, New York, from a massive stroke.Mike2

Vaughan, a young real estate agent from Sydney, first spotted The Easybeats at the famous Beatle Village nightclub (one of Sydney’s first discotheques).  Even during their early days, he saw the potential in the group and was instrumental in getting them their recording contract with Albert Productions in 1965.  That year, the band’s popularity exploded in Australia when the single “She’s So Fine” was released.  The press, comparing the mania to the Beatles popularity, called it “Easyfever”.

In 1966, he traveled to the U.S. to secure The Easybeats a U.S. recording deal.  After meeting with nearly every label in the business, he eventually succeed by landing a deal with United Artists Records.  This led to Mike and the group moving to England where The Easybeats would record their international hit song “Friday On My Mind”.   He continued to book shows and even co-producing for the group as they toured the U.S., Europe and Australia between 1966 and 1969.

Mike in 1966. Being interviewed on the Coca-Cola Special.
Mike Vaughan in 1966. Being interviewed on the Coca-Cola Special.

In 1969, he married the former Jaine Anne Higson and, after the group broke -up in November of that year, relocated to New York City.  Shortly after his move to New York, he would own and operate two restaurants.  In recent years; he would found a successful company that sells satellite TV systems to bars and restaurants for televising sporting events.

Mike had two children, Lainie and her brother Chad.  Jaine Vaughan passed away from cancer last year.  He will be missed.

Mike (centre right) in the control room at EMI Studios in Sydney. During an Easybeats recording session.

One thought on “Easybeats Manager Mike Vaughan Passes Away at Age 78.

  1. I’m sorry to hear of Mike’s passing. He was my best man in 1965. I met up with him in London a number of times in the 60’s. Once he moved to New York I was unable to make contact with him.
    My name is Dick Honan. Would love for you to get in touch with me.

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