Date: 5th January 1967
Program: Top Of The Pops (Season 4: Episode 1)
Station: BBCTV, London, UK.
Survival Status: Unknown/Believed wiped.

Repeat Performance. Presenter: Pete Murray

Date: 10th February 
Program: Beat! Beat! Beat!
Station: Hessischer Rundfunk Network (Channel Three), West Germany.
Survival Status: Survived.
Songs performed: “River Deep, Mountain High”, “Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It”, “Lovin’ Machine/Batman/Lovin’ Machine (reprise)”, “Friday On My Mind”.

Also appearing on the show: The Hollies, Carol Friday, Paul Jones, The Thoughts.

Date: 5th March
ProgramTilt Magazine
Station: Unknown, France


Date: 10th/11th March 
Program: Unknown
Station: Unknown, France.
Survival Status: Survived.
Songs performed: “Friday On My Mind”.

Date: 15th March 
Program: Twien
Station: Unknown, Holland.
Survival Status: Survived.
Songs performed: “Friday On My Mind”.

Twien -

Date: 18th May 
Program: The Don Lane Show.
Station: TCN9, Sydney, Australia.
Survival Status: Unknown.

Date: July 
Program: Dim Dam Dom.
Station: ORTF, Paris, France.
Survival Status: Survived.
Songs performed: “Friday On My Mind” and “Heaven and Hell”.

Date: 5th August 
Program: Upbeat.
Station: WEWS-TV, Clevland, Ohio, USA.
Survival Status: Unknown.
Songs performed: “Friday On My Mind” and “Heaven and Hell”.


Also appearing on the show: Janis Ian, Stevie Wonder, Jon & Robin and the In Crowd, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, and Gene Krupa.

Before the tour, the group video taped two performances for broadcast on the syndicated U.S. music program Upbeat. This would be the group’s only US TV appearance ever.

Introduced by host Don Webster as: “The Pride of Australia, singing their new hit single ‘Heaven’!” – the band lip-synced to the newly censored version of ‘Heaven and Hell’ and the current hit ‘Friday On My Mind’. The members of the group wore their matching black suits, except for Tony who wears a white t-shirt with a handkerchief. Stevie is so animated that the director gives up on close-ups and instead switches to long shots for the remainder of the performance.

Date: August 
Program: Unknown.
Station: Unknown, Philadelphia, USA.
Survival Status: Unknown.

An appearance on an unnamed program was mention by Mike Vaughan in a interview for Trouser Press Magazine in 1976.


“Garbage television. A guy in Philadelphia who got dressed up in a witch’s outfit. Nothing like “Bandstand” or “Upbeat”…”. – Mike Vaughan.  Trouser Press. 1976.


Since the band left the U.S.A before Halloween – the show Vaughan may be referring to is Disc-O-Teen which was hosted by “The Cool Ghoul” John Zacherle.  The show was broadcast on WNJU-TV out of the Channel 47 Studios
Newark, New Jersey.

Notice: The Cool Ghoul gives away a copy of the Friday On My Mind LP at 2:30.

Date4th September 1967
ProgramTilt Magazine
Station: Unknown, France

Date: 24th September 1967
Program: Music-hall de France
Station: ORTF, France
Survival Status: Survived.
Songs performed: “Friday On My Mind” and “Pretty Girl”.

Available on DVD through Ina Botique



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