Date: Unknown – filmed 15th June, 1968 at the Bratislava Song Festival.
Program: Unknown.
Station: Unknown, Czeckoslovak TV.
Survival Status: Clips.

A Report From the Festival

“The Easybeats got a fine reception and opened with “Friday On My Mind” but some spoil sport had their amplification down at the mains switch. For the first number we got a virtual drum solo from Tony and a belting vocal from Stevie. This was remedied by the group who realised they were being done and turned up their amps for “Good Times.” With all the guitars a-go-go it was a first rate sound. The excellent Czechoslovakian orchestra was brought in to augment the group under the direction of Norrie Paramor and we got first class renditions of “What In The World,” “Hello How Are You” and “Sha La La” which Stevie managed to turn into a singalong. To their credit they seemed to please not only the young but also the adults who kept their places for once.” – New Musical Express,  22nd June, 1968.

Date: 27th August
Time For Blackburn.
ITV, London, UK.
Survival Status: 
Host: Tony Blackburn.

Date:  11th August 
Program: Unknown (Broadcast of the 2nd Yugoslav International Song Festival [1968 Spilt Festival].
Station: Unknown, Yugoslavia (Croatia).
Survival Status: Unknown.

Date: 12th October
Program: Beat Club.
Station: ARD Radio Bremen, Bremen, Deutschland.
Survival Status: Survived.
Songs performed: “Hello, How Are You”.

Date: 16th November
Program: Beat Club.
Station: ARD Radio Bremen, Bremen, Deutschland.
Survival Status: Survived.
Songs performed: “Good Times”.


Date: Unknown – filmed mid 1969.
Program: Was ist Beat? – Keine Musiksendung!
Station: ARD, Germany.
Survival Status: Survived.

The Easybeats featured in a segment (7:50 mins to 13:00 mins) on the German TV music program Was ist Beat? (What Is Beat?).  The clip was filmed during one of their shows on their final European Tour.

Date: September 1969.
Program: GTK.
Station: ABC-TV, Sydney, Australia.
Survival Status: Survived.

Interview with the group during their Australian Tour at Caser’s Place Nightclub, Sydney.

Date: Unknown – filmed 26th October, 1969. 
Program: Unknown.
Station: CBN-8, Orange, Australia.
Survival Status: Unknown – Presumed wiped.

easybeats 2
A colour photograph from The Easybeats appearance at CBN-8 studios. 26th October 1969. Photograph taken by Newsreader Stephen Fleay (special thanks).

Date: 2nd November
Program: The Easybeats Special.
Station: ATN-7, Sydney, Australia.
Survival Status: Unknown.

See the Television Specials page for more details.


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