So why does this site exist?

It wasn’t until 2013, that I first discovered the music of The Easybeats. My first purchase was the Albert Productions compilation The Definitive Anthology.  Although this is a good selection of songs from across the bands career, that lack of chronology meant it was hard to get a sense of how the band evolved musically.  So I turned to the The Complete Easybeats box set, which contained their almost complete discography (with expection of the Friends album).  However, I found the lack of liner notes and the mixed up bonus tracks just as disorienting.

Researching further – I found some good discographies online.  I read about such things as the lost album they recorded in 1967 and other unreleased material, but the more I looked, the more incomplete the story seemed.  So, I turned to a well known music forum, the Steve Hoffman Music Forum, for answers.  I was already a forum poster and knew that there were some Australian music fans that posted there from time to time, who were quite knowledgeable.  Then I found this thread here on the group asking for recommendations for good compilations.  Under the name paulisdead (I know – I picked the name over a decade ago as a Beatles fanboy and now I’m stuck with it – live and learn from your mistakes I guess), I started asking a few questions about the group.  I got some good answers, but it seemed that there was still a lot of bits of information that needed to be complied.  So, after some coaxing of forum poster Jae, I started an album-by-album thread (which was really a release by release thread).  That was in April 2013.  As of writing – it is now March 2015 and we are still going.  New information appears all the time.  But with over 2300 posts and counting of information, I wanted there to be a place were fans could access information about the group easily.  So I compiled my posts and began this site as a easy wiki-style way to get information on the group.

New information is being unearthed about the group and their releases all the time.  Because of this – nothing in the site is set in stone and everything is continually updated as new information comes in.

I like to thank the following thread posters that have been continually working these past two years to solve many of these Easybeats mysteries: Jae, William S Small, Tags, GarethofOz and Mike Griffiths.

NOTE: This site is an unofficial fan site that is in no way officially affiliated with or expresses the opinions of Albert Productions, Sony Music, Stevie Wright, George Young, Harry Vanda, Dingeman van der Sluijs (Dick Diamonde), Gordon “Snowy” Fleet, Mike Vaughn, the Estate of Ted Albert, the Albert family or the Estate of Tony Cahill.



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  1. Hello,

    I’ve compiled about three quarters of the dates of the Easybeats only US tour, opening for Gene Pitney in August/September 1967. I could send them along if you’re interested.

    Joe McMichael

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