Australian singles Discography

For My Woman/Say That You’re Mine (Parlophone A-8146)

She’s So Fine/The Old Oak Tree (Parlophone A-8157)

Wedding Ring/Me Or You (Parlophone A-8168)

Sad and Lonely and Blue / Easy As Can Be (Parlophone A-8171)

Women (Make You Feel Alright)/In My Book (Parlophone A-8186)

Come and See Her/I Can See (Parlophone A-8200)

Sorry/Funny Feelin’ (Parlophone A-8224)

Friday on My Mind/Made My Bed, Gonna Lie in It (Parlophone A-8234)

Who’ll Be the One/Do You Have a Soul? (Parlophone, A-8251)

Heaven and Hell/Pretty Girl (Parlophone A-8255)

The Music Goes Round My Head/Come in You’ll Get Pneumonia (Parlophone A-8277)

Hello How Are You?/Falling off the Edge of the World [US single version] (Parlophone A-8290)

Good Times/Land of Make Believe (Parlophone A-8406)

Lay Me Down and Die (Instrumental)/See Line Woman (Parlophone A-8571)

St. Louis/Can’t Find Love (Polydor NH-59274)

Peculiar Hole in the Sky/H.P. Man (Parlophone A-8892)

I Love Marie/Gonna Make It (Instrumental) (Polydor NH-56357)

Friends/Rock and Roll Boogie (Polydor NH-539128)

Gonna Have A Good Time (Good Times)/Land Of Make Believe (Albert Productions AP-11145)

Friday On My Mind/She’s So Fine/Wedding Ring (Albert Productions AP-378)