She's So Fine single

27 May 1965

Recording Details
Recorded at Armstrong Studios in Melbourne, Australia in early 1965.  Additional recording at the 2UW Theatre in Sydney, Australia.  Producer: Ted Albert.


Although “For My Woman” was considered a minor hit; it earn’t the band enough of a reputation to be able to tour interstate to Melbourne.  During this tour – Stevie and George were wasting no time by writing more material for the next single.  They both knew that if The Easybeats were to go to the top of the charts, they needed a commercial song – something  that “the kids can dance to” – thus “She’s So Fine” was born.

In early 1965; the group and their producer Ted Albert entered Armstrong Studios.  Armstrong  was a newly built, small independent studio based in a terrace house in Albert Street, South Melbourne.  It was founded by the manger of W&G Records who had previously worked as an engineer at 3UZ.  The group where huddled into the studio recording space, the drums were set up next to Stevie and Harry, George and Dick’s amp were lined up next the Snowy’s kit.  As it was stated in The Easybeats Songbook  in a photo of the sessions (see below) the band recorded the backing track with Stevie on guide vocal.  The text in that photo’s caption narrate the session – “Standy By….Easybeats – She’s So Fine….backing track – take 2….rolling”.

The band recording "She's So Fine and the original Armstrong Studios in South Melbourne.
This photo first published in the Easybeats Songbook is reportedly a photo of the group recording “She’s So Fine”.  The studio pictured here is EMI Studios, Sydney.  Circa Early 1965.

The famous scream heard at the beginning of the track was the sound of Stevie being “assaulted” by the other band members. When they played the tape back it was decided that it was the perfect way to kick the song off, so it was left in.  It has also been reported that additional recording of the song also took place at Ted’s studio back at the 2UW Theatre in Sydney.

The recording details of “The Old Oak Tree” are unknown.


“She’s So Fine” first entered the charts in May 1965 in Sydney where it appeared at #16 on radio station 2SM  Good Guy Survey.   The following week it shoot up to #7, with it charting in Melbourne at #36 on 3UZ.  In the following weeks, the song would chart in the top #20 around the country, being on constant rotation with D.J’s.  On 21st June it made #1 on the 2UE sales chart, beating other popular Australian singles Ray Brown & The Whispers “Fool, Fool, Fool” and Billy Thorpe & The Aztec “I Told The Brook”.    Locally, “She’s So Fine” became the signature tune for the band, making the band a household name in Australia and beginning a fan hysteria which was very similar to Beatlemania and was dubbed by the press as “Easyfever”.

Released Versions


27 May 1965 – Parlophone A-8157


One thought on “She’s So Fine/The Old Oak Tree

  1. Howdy, Wish to draw your attention to the fact ‘Old Oak Tree’ was recorded by an unknown ?Brisbane band? at the Soundtrack Productions studios at their Cannon Hill premises, c.1966. The flip is an instrumental version of Johnny Rivers’ cover of Memphis Tennessee.

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