Easy LP cover art (1965)

First released
28th September 1965.

Recording Details
Recorded at EMI Studios in Sydney, Australia.  ‘She’s So Fine’ recorded at Armstrong Studios in Melbourne with further overdubs at EMI Studios, Sydney.

Recorded in two consecutive all-night sessions, The band set the bar high from the start by containing all original songs by the group.

Original 1965 track-listing

Side A

  1. It’s So Easy (Wright/Young)
  2. I’m a Madman (Wright/Young)
  3. I Wonder (Vanda)
  4. She Said Alright (Young)
  5. I’m Gonna Tell Everybody (Vanda/Fleet)
  6. Hey Girl (Wright/Young)
  7. She’s So Fine (Wright/Young)

Side B

  1. You Got It off Me (Wright/Young)
  2. Cry Cry Cry (Young)
  3. A Letter (Wright/Young)
  4. Easy Beat  (Vanda)
  5. You’ll Come Back Again (Young)
  6. Girl on My Mind (Wright/Young)
  7. Ya Can’t Do That  (Wright/Young)

Bonus CD Tracks – Repertoire Records Edition

  • For My Woman (Vanda, Young)
    A-side to the first single released in 1965.
  • Say That You’re Mine (Vanda, Young)
    B-side to the first single “For My Woman”.  Released 1965.
  • The Old Oak Tree (Wright, Young,Vanda, Fleet, Diamonde)
    B-side to the ‘She’s So Fine’ single.  Released 1965.
  • Friday on My Mind (Alternate Mix) (Vanda, Young)
    A new stereo remix created from the original tapes for the Repertoire Records CD.
  • Lisa (Rough Mix) (Vanda, Young)
    An outtake from the 1967 Good Friday sessions.
  • Find My Way Back Home (Lambert, Pegues)
    Recorded at EMI Studios, Sydney in 1965 for a ATV7’s Sing, Sing, Sing but replaced by ‘I Who Have Nothing’.  First offically released on the Raven Records EP Son of Easyfever in 1980.
  • No One Knows
    An unreleased 1965 Studio Recording.  Possibly recorded at Ted Albert’s studio in the old 2UW theater with vocals recorded at the 2UW radio station studios.  First officially released on the Raven Records outtakes EP – Mean Ol’ Lovin’ in 1979.
  • She’s So Fine (Live)
    Recorded live at the ‘Australian National Record Awards’ – 14th March 1966, Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia.  Frist official release was on the Albert Archive LP in 1979.

Released Versions



  • LP’s
  • 1965 – PMCO 7527 (yellow/black PARLOPHONE label with Alberts royalty stamp)
  • 1968 – PMEO 9484 (white/black PARLOPHONE label with yellow ALBERT PRODUCTIONS underneath).
  • 1969 – PMEO 9484 (teal PARLOPHONE label)
  • Albert Productions
  • LP’s
  • 1982 – APLP 057  (red label)
  • CD’s
  • 1986 – 465263 2 (black Alberts label)
  • Downunder
  • LP’s
  • 2008 – D/U001LP
  • Germany
  • Repertoire Records
  • CD’s
  • 1992 – REP 4284-WY
  • 2006 – REP5054 (digipack)

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