Friday On My Mind (Australian Verision) cover

First released

1970. (Australia).

Recording Details
“Friday On My Mind”, “Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It”, “Pretty Girl” and “Remember Sam” recorded in September 1966 at IBC Recording Studios, London. Producer: Shel Tamley.

“Happy Is The Man” and “You Me We Love” recorded 18th January, 1967 at Pye Recording Studios, London. Producer: Shel Tamley.

“Do You Have a Soul?”, “Saturday Night”, “River Deep Mountain High”, “See Line Woman”, “Who’ll be The One” recorded at Olympic Recording Studios, London in early 1967. Producer: Shel Tamley.

“Make You Fell Alright (Women)” recorded late 1965 at Armstrong Studios in Melbourne. Producer: Ted Albert.


The American album was eventually released in Australia via the mail-order label World Record Club in 1970.  This reissue featured an altered track listing.  In this version, the psychedelic “Remember Sam” opens the LP with “Friday On My Mind” the second track. “River Deep, Mountain High” was also moved and now opened side B. A new illustrated cover featuring the band as they looked during the 1969 Australian Tour (replacing the album’s original drummer Snowy Fleet for the then current drummer Tony Cahill)..

Friday On My Mind Australian Version rear cover
The rear cover.
Label to Side A
Label to Side A

Track Listing

  1. Remember Sam (Vanda/Young)
  2. Friday On My Mind (Vanda/Young)
  3. Do You Have a Soul (Vanda/Young)
  4. Saturday Night (Vanda/Young)
  5. You Me, We Love (Vanda/Young)
  6. Pretty Girl (Vanda/Young)

Side B

  1. River Deep, Mountain High (Spector)
  2. Happy Is The Man (Vanda/Young)
  3. Make You Fell Alright (Women) (Wright/Young)
  4. Who’ll Be The One (Vanda/Young)
  5. Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It (Vanda/Young)
  6. See Line Woman (Vanda/Young)

Released Versions

World Record Club


1970 – S-4801

Special thanks to Bill for his help with information on this release.


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