It's 2 Easy LP cover

First released
24th March 1966. (Australia).

Recording Details
Recorded at EMI Studios in Sydney, Armstrong Studios in Melbourne and 4BC Studios in Brisbane, Australia (demo recording for “Women”).

Producer: Ted Albert.

Recording “Women”.

According to an interview given by the group in Everybody’s Magazine (April 20th, 1966), the song started with the joke title “Pop At The Op”.  A rumour had been circulating that they had written a song with that title.  Not thinking “it was such a bad idea”, they attempted to record a demo song with that title while they were touring Brisbane in September 1965.  Eventually, they dropped the idea and the song became “Women”.   The song was forgotten about until they were in Melbourne, recording the It’s 2 Easy album at Armstrong Studios.


“We were tired to death.  We’d been working for 12 hours on the album, and it was about 3am.” Stevie said, “Snowy was asleep on his drums and I was asleep on the couch inn the lobby, Harry, Dick and George were putting down backings in the studio and the going was rough.”  Then Ted Albert, who was handling the session said, “Right, we need something fast and beaty for the last track.  What’ll that be?”  “What about that song we did at 4BC?” George said.  The others were doubtful, but George took up his guitar and rapidly worked out a fancy riff (the lead guitar phrase repeated continuously through the song).  Snowy, pushed open his eyes and slowly took it up.  Dick followed, and the studio began to shake.  The Easybeats were away.  When the song was complete, the boys went out to shake Stevie back into consciousness.  He had to write the lyrics.  Fifteen minutes later he had written the first verse.  A few more minutes later a typical Easybeats session was in full blast.  “We cut th etrack in about half an hour” said Snowy, “the fastest work-out of one track during the whole session.”

Everybody’s Magazine April 20, 1966.



Their 2nd album was a combination of their most recent singles (“Wedding Ring”, “Sad and Lonely and Blue”, “Easy As Can Be'” and the double A side ‘Women’/’In My Book’) and newly recorded material.  This new material would include their next single “Come and See Her” and the debut of the first Vanda and Young composition – ‘Then I’ll Tell You Goodbye’.


It’s 2 Easy would peak at number 3 on the Kent Music Report Charts but would end up being the 7th best selling album in 1966 (right behind The Beatles Revolver).


‘Hot LP of The Week’

“The Easybeats’ second LP is done in their characteristic blusey beat and it’s good. George’s tribute to Satchmo [‘I’ll Find Somebody to Take Your Place’] would possibly drive jazz lovers round the bend and in quiet numbers you can’t hear the vocalising over the beat. Apart from this, much of the Easybeats’ best is there for the playing, and their originality drives the point home again… We’re a nation of copyists and we’ll never be in the big league until the big Australian stars begin recording new material”. – May 1966 issue of Everybody’s magazine.

Original 1966 track-listing

Side A

  1. Let Me Be (Wright/Young)
  2. You Are the Light (Wright/Young)
  3. Women (Wright/Young)
  4. Come and See Her (Wright/Young)
  5. I’ll Find Somebody To Take Your Place (Wright/Young)
  6. Someway, Somewhere (Wright/Young)
  7. Easy As Can Be (Wright/Young)

Side B

  1. I Can See (Wright/Young)
  2. Sad and Lonely and Blue (Wright/Young)
  3. Somethin’ Wrong (Wright/Young)
  4. In My Book (Wright/Young)
  5. What About Our Love (Fleet)
  6. Then I’ll Tell You Goodbye (Vanda/Young)
  7. Wedding Ring (Wright/Young)

Bonus CD Tracks – Repertoire Records Edition

  • Me or You (Wright, Vanda)
    B-side to “Wedding Ring”.
  • Too Much (Vanda, Wright, Young)
  • I’ll Make You Happy (Just Like Your Mama Wants) (Wright, Young)
  • A Very Special Man (Vanda, Young)
  • Trying So Hard (Wright, Young)
    All tracks from the Easyfever EP released in 1966.

  • Friday On My Mind (Vanda, Young)
    A mono fold down from the stereo album Good Friday.  This version has appeared on various single releases and the mono version of Good Friday.  It is NOT the real mono single mix as suggested. 
  • Made My Bed Gonna Lie in It (Young)
    A new stereo remix from the original tapes for the Repertoire Records CD .
  • Happy Is the Man
    A new stereo remix from the original tapes for the Repertoire Records CD .
  • How You Doing Now
    A studio outtake – circa 1966.
  • All Gone Boy
    Originally recorded during the Good Friday sessions.  Released in 1968 on the Easyfever Vol. 2 EP.
  • Mandy
    An outtake from the Abbey Road Studios sessions – August 1966.

Released Versions


Parlophone  PMCO 7530 (24th March 1966)
Notes: Yellow/black PARLOPHONE label with Alberts royalty stamp

Albert Productions APLP 058 (1982)
Notes: R
ed label with two subsequent reissues – 1984 and 1987; different label styles)

Albert Productions – 465264 2 (1986)
Notes: Black Alberts/Select label.


Repertoire Records REP 4302-WY (1992)

Downunder  D/U002LP (2010)

Special thanks to Jae and Bill for their help with the various catalog numbers and mixes.


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