Easybeats Volume 3 cover

First released
3rd November 1966 (Australia)

Recording Details
Recorded: Early-Mid 1966 at EMI Studios, Sydney and Armstrong Studios, Melbourne.
Producers: Ted Albert and Tony Geary. Engineers: Roger Savage.


Volume 3 was the third and final album recorded in Australia before the band relocated to England.  The album showcased how much Stevie and George’s songwriting had progressed since the previous two albums.  Featuring their latest single, the garage rock classic “Sorry” and it’s flip side “Funny Feelin'”.


Volume 3 would peak at #7 on the Kent Music Report and would end being the 21st best selling Australian album of 1966.  A modern review from Mark Deming on All Music gave the album 3.5 stars (out of 4), but was mixed in his assessment of the album:

“…if Volume 3 doesn’t capture the Easybeats at their very best, it hardly disappoints;…Stevie Wright demonstrates his chops as one of the strongest and most versatile vocalists of the British Invasion era, and guitarists Harry Vanda and George Young cut through these songs with an aggressive strength that put most of their peers to shame. One could argue that Volume 3 is the Easybeats’ relative equivalent to Beatles for Sale — a few notches below their usual standards, but still great rock roll for anyone with a passion for the pre-psychedelic era.”

Original 1966 track-listing

Side A

1. Sorry (Wright-Young)
2. Funny Feelin’ (Wright-Young)
3. Say You want Me (Wright-Young)
4. You Said That (Wright-Young)
5. Goin’ Out of My Mind (Wright-Young)
6. Not in Love with You (Wright-Young)

Side B

1. Promised Things (Wright-Young)
2. The Last Day of May (Wright-Young)
3. Today (Fleet)
4. My My My (Wright-Young)
5. Dance of the Lovers (Wright-Young)
6. What Do You Want Babe (Wright-Young)
7. Can’t You Leave Her (Wright-Young)

Bonus CD Tracks – Repertoire Records Edition

  • Hound Dog (Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller)
    A remix from the Germany .
  • Do You Have a Soul? (Vanda, Young)
    A new stereo remix from the original tapes for the Repertoire Records CD
  • Saturday Night (Vanda, Young)
    A new stereo remix from the original tapes for the Repertoire Records CD
  • My Old Man’s a Groovy Old Man (Vanda, Young)
    Remixed stereo backing track.  An outtake from the sessions for the scrapped 2nd album for United Artists (1967).  Finished version first officially released on The Best of The Easybeat Vol. 2 in 1969.

  • The Easybeats-Medley (Vanda, Wright, Young)A medley of “Friday On My Mind” / “She’s So Fine” / “Women” /”Sorry” also known as “Historeasy: Tour ’86 Souvenir Medley”.  First released as a single in November 1986.

  • Mean Old Lovin’ (Wright, Young)
  • I’m Happy (Wright, Young)
  • Hey Babe (Wright, Young)
  • I Don’t Agree (Wright, Young)
  • Keep Your Hands Off My Babe (Wright, Young)
    From the Raven records EP “Mean Ol’ Lovin”.  These songs were recorded late 1964/early 1965 at Ted Albert’s studio at in the old 2UW George Street Theater in Sydney.
  • I’m Just Trying (Vanda, Young)
    From the Raven records EP “Son of Easyfever”.  Recorded at Central Sound Studio in 1968 in London.

Released Versions


1966 – PMCO 7537 – yellow/black PARLOPHONE label with Alberts royalty stamp



2006 – D/U003LP

Repertoire Records

1993 – REP 4303-WY
2006 – REP 5070

Special thanks to Jae and Bill for their help with the various catalog numbers, releases and mixes.


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