First released
Released May 1967. (UK).

Recording Details
“Friday On My Mind”, “Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It”, “Pretty Girl” and “Remember Sam” recorded in 8th September 1966 at IBC Recording Studios, London.

“Happy Is The Man”, “All Gone Boy (rehearsal)” and “You Me We Love” recorded 18th January, 1967 at Pye Recording Studios, London.

“Do You Have a Soul?”, “Saturday Night”, “Pretty Girl (alternate/mix version)”, “My Old Man’s a Groovy Old Man” (basic tracking only), “Hound Dog”, “River Deep Mountain High”, “See Line Woman”, “Who’ll be The One”, “All Gone Boy” and “Lisa” recorded at Olympic Recording Studios, London in early 1967.

Producer: Shel Tamley.


Not long after the group touched down in London, the date was booked to record at the famous London EMI Studios on Abbey Road. With their Australian producer Ted Albert in the producers chair again, two known songs were recorded: ‘Baby I’m a Comin’ ‘ and ‘Mandy’. United Artists’ UK office were disappointed with the results as the songs were both rejected and put on the shelf.  As luck would have it, another chance was granted by United Artists for their new investment to produce a hit single. But there were to be changes – first their long time producer Albert would be replaced by famous independent producer Shel Tamley (famous for producing The Who and The Kinks). Secondly; the song writing duties were left entirely up to Harry Vanda and George Young (‘Mandy’ was Wright/Young tune and ‘Baby I’m a Comin’ ‘ was written by Vanda/Young/Wright). United Artists had deemed Stevie Wright’s lyrics not “sophisticated” enough for the UK market and that he should focus on his stagecraft instead. Wright never wrote with Vanda or Young on another Easybeats song again. This was something that stuck with Wright for many years.  But before United Artists would give the OK for the group to record a full length album, Tamley was commissioned to record the group’s next U.K. single.  “Come And See Her” which was released in July 1966 had bombed and with the rejection of the Abbey Road material – there was pressure on the band to deliver the goods.

To say that the first sessions with Tamley were productive would be something of an understatement. One single and two tracks that would feature on their first international album. ‘Pretty Girl’ would feature in the title of their next Australian compilation album, released in June of next year. “Remember Sam” would end up on the next album. “Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It” was to be a strong B-Side to the first single from the UK sessions: “Friday on My Mind”.  “Friday On My Mind” was released as a single in the U.K. on 14th October 1966.  This would be song that would take The Easybeats from the number Australian act to an international success. It would also (for better or worse) be the song most identifiable with the group. Chart wise; ‘Friday On My Mind’ would go to number #1 in Australia and The Netherlands, #6 in the UK (ranking the 81st top selling song in the UK of 1966) and #16 on the Billboard Top 100 in May 1967. The song would be voted in 2001 #1 on APRA’s “Best Australian Song” poll and in 2007 would be added to the Australian National Film and Sound Archives “Sounds of Australia” registry.   With the single’s success, an album was the next logical step.  Sessions began the following January and continued until March 1967.  Eleven more songs were recorded:  Eight of those made it to the final album along with the material recorded in September 1966 and the other songs (“All Gone Boy”, “Lisa” and “My Old Man’s a Groovy Old Man”) would be released on various compilations and E.P’s.


Unlike the successful single “Friday On My Mind”, the album’s sales were poor in the U.K.  It did not enter the U.K. album charts.

Original Track Listing

Side A

  1. River Deep, Mountain High (Phil Spector)
  2. Do You Have a Soul (Vanda/Young)
  3. Saturday Night (Vanda/Young)
  4. You Me, We Love (Vanda/Young)
  5. Pretty Girl (Vanda/Young)
  6. Friday On My Mind (Vanda/Young)

Side B

  1. Happy Is The Man (Vanda/Young)
  2. Hound Dog (Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller)
  3. Who’ll Be The One (Vanda/Young)
  4. Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It (Vanda/Young)
  5. Remember Sam (Vanda/Young)
  6. See Line Woman (Vanda/Young)

Hallmark Reissue

In late ’68/early ’69, Good Friday was reissued by Hallmark Records under the title The Easybeats.  Budget label Hallmark Records had an argument with United Artists Records were they could reissue United Artists product.  The cover uses a promotional shot of the group from 1968 (excluding the album’s original drummer Snowy Fleet for the then current drummer Tony Cahill).

The Hallmark reissue of Good Friday.
The Hallmark reissue of Good Friday.

In 2016, Good Friday was reissued on vinyl for a limited Record Store Day release by Varèse Sarabande.  This version was the mono UK mix of the album.  It was remastered by reissue producers Cary E. Mansfield and Andrew Sandoval.

Released Versions



United Artists Records
1967 – Mono ULP 1167
1967 – Stereo SULP 1167

Hallmark Records
1968 – Stereo – SHM 609


Varèse Sarabande
2016 – Mono – 302 067 418 1

Special thanks to Jae and Bill for their help with the various catalog numbers, releases and mixes.  Special thanks to Bill Small for the information on the Hallmark reissue.


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