Canadian release.
German release.

First released

Recording Details

Recorded: Spring/Summer at George and Harry’s home studio, No. 16 Moscow Road, Bayswater, Westminster, London.  Producers: The Easybeats.

“St. Louis” recorded: April 1969, Olympic Sound, Barnes, London.
Producer: Ray Singer (uncredited).
Sax and horns arranged by Alex Young (uncredited).


The international version of the Friends album.  Released in Canada and Germany.  Retitled Holding On for the Canadian and German market, ironically enough, the title track was replaced by the instrumental B-side to “I Love Marie”; “Gonna Make It”. Also missing from the album was “Watching The World (Go By)”. The cover photo was also used on the rear sleeve of the Parlophone version of The Best of The Easybeats Volume 2.

Original Track Listing

Side A

  1. Friends [George Vocal version] (Leon Russell)
  2. Can’t Find Love (Leon Russell)
  3. St. Louis (Vanda/Young)
  4. Rock and Roll Boogie (Leon Russell)
  5. The Train Song (Leon Russell)

Side B

  1. I Love Marie (Leon Russell)
  2. Gonna Make It (Leon Russell)
  3. Woman You’re On My Mind (Leon Russell)
  4. What Becomes of You My Love (Leon Russell)
  5. Tell Your Mother (Leon Russell)

Released versions


Polydor 2495 004


Karussell 2495 004


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