First Released
19th November, 1968

In the states the album came out under the title; ‘Falling Off The Edge Of The World’. This time the American version was much closer to the U.K. release. The difference being: two songs were deleted from the track listing to accommodate the U.S. record companies requirement to keep an LP under 12 songs (this was to avoid paying extra royalties). ‘Sha La La’ and ‘We All Live Happily Together’ were the two that met with United Artists’ axe.

Original Track Listing

Side A

1. Gonna Have a Good Time (Vanda/Young)
2. What In The World (Vanda/Young)
3. Falling Off The Edge Of The World (Seeing You With Him) (Vanda/Young)
4. The Music Goes Round My Head (Vanda/Young)
5. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You (Crewe/Gaudio)
6. Come In You’ll Get Pneumonia (Cahill/Vanda/Young)

Side B

1. See Saw (Vanda/Young)
2. Land Of Make Believe (Vanda/Young)
3. Fancy Seeing You Here (Vanda/Young)
4. Hello, How Are You (Vanda/Young)
5. Hit The Road Jack (Percy Mayfield)
6. I Can’t Stand It (Williams/Macpherson)

Released Versions

United States


United Artists Records

1968 – Stereo UAS 6667


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