First released

23rd May 1967. (USA).

Recording Details
“Friday On My Mind”, “Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It”, “Pretty Girl” and “Remember Sam” recorded in September 1966 at IBC Recording Studios, London. Producer: Shel Tamley.

“Happy Is The Man” and “You Me We Love” recorded 18th January, 1967 at Pye Recording Studios, London. Producer: Shel Tamley.

“Do You Have a Soul?”, “Saturday Night”, “River Deep Mountain High”, “See Line Woman”, “Who’ll be The One” recorded at Olympic Recording Studios, London in early 1967. Producer: Shel Tamley.

“Make You Fell Alright (Women)” recorded late 1965 at Armstrong Studios in Melbourne. Producer: Ted Albert.


The US release of Good Friday, titled Friday on My Mind, featured a  slightly different track listing.  The US version replaces the bands cover of ‘Hound Dog’ with their first U.S. single Make You Fell Alright (Women) and put the hit single ‘Friday On My Mind’ as the album’s opener.

The Mono Mixes

While the mono mixes on Good Friday were  fold-downs of the stereo version; the U.S. album featured exclusive mixes. The common factor on the U.S. mono mixes is the dryer vocal production.

Friday On My Mind
The first verse lacks the double tracking effect. Overall the vocals are dryer. On the stereo mix you can hear the 2nd guitar part clearer (its there in the mono)

River Deep, Mountain High
The tape delay effect on “bay-beeee” sounds on the stereo version sounds like its set on a shorter speed than the mono. The tape delay on the stereo version may also be feeding back slightly. Also the bass on the mono sounds fatter!

Do You Have A Soul
Much better than the stereo version. In the stereo, the drums are almost inaudible (most likely because they where summed onto the same track as the bass or guitars. To make up for this, the tambourine is turned up in the mixes to provide the upbeat. But there is no clear down beat from the drums to counter it.

Saturday Night
Like all the mono tracks, a nice balance between all the instruments.

You Me, We Love
The main difference I picked was in the middle eight. The backing and double tracking are lower in the mix on the stereo. Also the reverb on the guitars sound brighter.

Pretty Girl
Again – dryer lead vocals on the mono. Also there seems to be a mastering error as the mono version is at a slower speed than every other release.  The same mix would be released in Australia on the Friday On Mind EP and the 1st issue of The Best of The Easybeats + Pretty Girl, but at the correct speed.
Happy Is The Man
Either extra backing vocals or the backing is drowned out by the reverb of the stereo version.

Make You Fell Alright (Women)
Same as the original Aussie version.

Who’ll Be The One
Single dry lead vocal in first verse and double tracked for the others (just like the mono ‘Friday’).

Made My Bed, Gonna Lie in
Single tracked dry vocals again for the mono.

Remember Sam
Another dry mix compared to the stereo.

See Line Woman
Without the psychedelic delays and reverbs of the well known stereo mix, the song has a much more subdued feel.


Friday On My Mind entered the Billboard Top LP Charts at 200 and stayed there for 3 weeks before moving up to 184 for 2 more weeks before peaking at 180 and then disappearing completely.

Billboard may 27 1967iii
A trade review from Billboard Magazine. May 27, 1967.

Original Track Listing

Side A

  1. Friday On My Mind (Vanda/Young)
  2. River Deep, Mountain High (Spector)
  3. Do You Have a Soul (Vanda/Young)
  4. Saturday Night(Vanda/Young)
  5. You Me, We Love (Vanda/Young)
  6. Pretty Girl (Vanda/Young)

Side B

  1. Happy Is The Man (Vanda/Young)
  2. Make You Fell Alright (Women) (Wright/Young)
  3. Who’ll Be The One (Vanda/Young)
  4. Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It (Vanda/Young)
  5. Remember Sam (Vanda/Young)
  6. See Line Woman (Vanda/Young)

Australian Reissue

The American album was eventually released in Australia via  the World Record Club label in 1970.  The track listing was slightly altered.

See: Friday On My Mind (Australian Version)

Released Versions


United Artists Records


1967 – Mono (High Fidelity) – UAL 3588
1967 – Stereo – UAS 6588

1967 -????-????

1967 – Stereo – UAS 6588

1967 – Mono – UAM-20014


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