The Easybeats [a.k.a The Coca-Cola Special] (1966).

The Easybeats [a.k.a The Coca-Cola Special] (1966).

Broadcast Date: 8th October, 1966 at 6.30pm (ATV-7 Sydney), 19th November 1966 at 5.50pm (ADS-7 Adelaide)
Taping: July 1966 at the ATN-7 Studios in Sydney.
Station: ATN7, Syndey, Australia.
Survival Status: Survived but currently unreleased officially.  The mimed performance of “Sorry” is used by Albert Productions as a promo video as well as footage in the Friday On My Mind:The Story of The Easybeats
Songs performed: “Wedding Ring”, “I’ll Make You Happy”, “I Can See”, “We’re Doing Fine” (performed by Janice Slater), “Sorry”, “Easy As Can Be”, “Someday, Somewhere”, “In My Book”, “Raining In My Heart (performed by Tony Worsley), “Knocking On Wood” (performed by Tony Worsley), “Come And See Her”, “Come And See Her” (Coke Jingle Version), “Women”, “Too Much”, “If You Don’t Think” (performed by Janice Slater),  “Coke Jingle (Make Life Swing)”, “For My Woman”, “A Very Special Man”, “She’s So Fine”.


If you every needed to show somebody the effect Easyfever had on mid 1960’s Australia, then you would only need to show them their Australian “farewell” television special. Although completely mimed, the bands energy is absolutely electrifying as the storm through their set list in front of a studio audience of screaming teenagers complete with go-go dancers and pop idol Billy Thorpe to compère.

Special guests of the program included Janice Slater performing her then current release ‘We’re Doin’ Fine’ with it’s flip side ‘If You Don’t Think’ and Tony Worsley with ‘Raining in My Heart’ and ‘Knocking On Wood’ (released that month on Sunshine).

Coca-Cola sponsored the program and the product placement is so blatant, that you would think it was satire. Thorpe holds a coke bottle facing camera while introducing the band. The Easybeats perform two “Coke Jingles” (the second with some awkwardly scripted opening banter from Stevie). It really shows the a unique period in rock history; there were no cries from fans of “selling out” it’s just what artists did.

The closing credits show us the hysteria of the band boarding their QANTAS jet to the mother land. Next stop – London and Abbey Road Studios.

Coke Special (2)
Promotion for the special in TV Week, South Australia (Nov 19, 1966).

Currently, the special is still unreleased in its entirety.  The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia does have a 16mm kinescope of the program in its archive.  This print has been used in various documentaries on the group and the performance of “Sorry” was used be Albert Productions as a promotional video.