The first known studio recording with The Easybeats is “The Bell”.  According to the author of Vanda and Young: Australia’s Hit Factory John Taitthe song was recorded around the time of the group’s first single “For My Woman”.  Other songs recorded during these sessions were the single’s B-side “Say That You’re Mine” and a recording of the Ben E. King song “I (Who Have Nothing)”.  “The Bell” is a teen heart-throb ballad that would lead one to think that Ted Albert was trying to mould Stevie Wright into a Cliff Richard style pop star.  It’s an inoffensive ballad that may have gone over with mainstream audiences. Much in the same way as The Beatles’ version of “How Do You Do It” did, it contrasted stylistically with the band’s established output and image.  Whether it was Ted or the band who vetoed it, the song remains officially unreleased.  It can be found on the Steady On bootleg album.

It is clear from the crude audio quality that the first five tracks that appeared on the Mean Old Lovin’ E.P. were demo recordings, not for the public’s ears.  However, on listening to the final track “No One Knows”, with it’s overdubs and echo chamber reverb, you higher production values than the other E.P. tracks.  This would lead one to think that it was, recorded professionally and may have been considered for commercial release. By the song’s composition, it is safe to assume that it was recorded sometime during 1965 (perhaps during or just before the Easy sessions).  Despite any educated guesswork, at the time of writing, there is no information of the date “No One Knows” was recorded.

“Little Queenie” from the rarities album The Shame Just Drained is another song that claims to be from the band’s initial recording sessions.  “Find My Way Back Home” was recorded for an appearance on Johnny O’ Keefe’s ATN-7 music program Sing, Sing, Sing in early 1965.  However, this recording was scrapped in favour of “I (Who Have Nothing)”.  It is unclear whether or not the earlier recording was used or it was re-recorded for the show.  “Find My Way Back Home” was later released on the Son of Easyfever E.P.

An early take of “She’s So Fine” was released on the Albert Productions box set – Good Times: Celebrating 50 years of Albert Productions.  Listed as “Take 2”, it has been previously reported that the backing track was recorded at Armstrong Studios in Melbourne, while the vocals were recorded back in their home city of Sydney.  However the version released on the box set clearly contains a lead vocal from Stevie.  This could be just a guide vocal, recorded at Armstrong or prehaps the final take contained a finished vocal that was re-made in Sydney, either at EMI Studios or 2UW.

“How You Doing Now” first appeared as a bonus track on the Repertoire Records reissue of It’s 2 Easy.  Not much information is out there on this track, however the style and recording would suggest it was recorded during the It’s 2 Easy sessions in 1966.  Another song, that sounds like an outtake is “I’m In Love With You”.  Like the previous song, there is little information on the its origins.  It can be found on the Steady On bootleg album (or under the title “Need Your Lovin’’ on the CD version).

Outtakes Released Officially

Released on the Mean Old Lovin’ EP
  • No One Knows
Released on the The Shame Just Drained
  • Little Queenie
Released on the Son of Easyfever E.P.
  • Find My Way Back Home
Released as a bonus track on the It’s 2 Easy C.D.
  • How You Doing Now
Released on the  Good Times: Celebrating 50 years of Albert Productions box set.
  • She’s So Fine (Take 2)

Outtakes Released Unofficially

  • The Bell
  • I’m In Love With You

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