Recording Date: Spring/Summer 1969.
Studio: George and Harry’s home studio, London.

No. 16 Moscow Road, Bayswater, Westminster, London.  Were most of the Friends album was recorded.
No. 16 Moscow Road, Bayswater, Westminster, London. Were most of the Friends album was recorded.

In 1969, George and Harry moved into the top floor of No. 16 Moscow Road, Bayswater, Westminster, London (pictured above). This particular London flat was perfect for the two songwriters as it was already fitted with a small demo studio. The studio/flat’s previous tenants had included a pirate radio station which used it to record their jingles and Crosby, Still and Nash who used it as a rehearsal space. After moving in, Vanda and Young upgraded the existing 2-track recorder to 4-track, added instruments, amplifiers, studio accessories and everything else needed to produce quality demos for their production company – Staeb Productions. During the spring and summer, they set to work on recording demos for both possible Easybeats songs and songs for other artists. In most cases these demos do not feature the other Easybeats: George and Harry play guitars and sing most of the songs. George plays keyboards and drums, while Harry plays bass. Stevie and Tony can be heard on a some of the tracks. The extract details of how the demo tapes ended in the hands of Polydor is unclear. They may of been given to the label by Staeb – marketing them to artists on the Polydor roster. Alternatively; the tapes could have simply been an example of the songs the band wished to record for their debut album with the label. Either way, twelve of these recordings (with ‘St. Louis’) would end up on the various configurations across the globe to make up their final album under the groups namesake. The other two recordings (‘The Party’s Over’ and ‘Can’t Wait Till September’) have yet the see the light of day. The song ‘Can’t Wait Till September’ was eventually covered by Pyramid featuring Erl Dalby, which was a hit in Australia in 1971 (reaching #8).

Tracks recorded:

1) Can’t Find Love +
2) Rock and Roll Boogie +
3) The Train Song +
4) I Love Marie +
5) Gonna Make It +
6) Woman You’re On My Mind +
7) Who Are My Friends (George vocal) #
8) Who Are My Friends (Harry vocal) ^
9) What Becomes of You My Love +
10) Tell Your Mother +
11) Watching the World Go By +
12) Holding On +
13) The Party’s Over *
14) Can’t Wait Till September *

+ Released on the Friends album
^ Released on the UK version of Freinds

# Released on the Australian version of Friends
* Still unreleased.


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